Multiple Image Resizer .NET v4.5.2
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Controls, Panels and Dialogs

Multiple Image Resizer .NET controls are grouped according to their purpose (for example, all of the controls to do with image resizing are to be found on the Resizing Options Panel). Controls act upon the images listed in your Files List.

Files to be processed are listed in the Files List.

The Files List is managed by the controls in the Select Images Panel.
The Processing Options Panel defines what processes will be applied to your images.
The Resizing Options Panel defines the dimensions of your processed files.
The Rotate and Flip Panel defines rotation or "flip" processing for your images.
The Border Options Panel defines a border for your images.
The Crop Options Panel defines any cropping to be performed on your images.
The Text Options Panel defines any text to be added to your images.
The Image Overlay Options Panel defines an image to overlay on your images.
The Save Options Panel defines how and where to save your processed images.
The Go Panel is where you set the processing running.

The Unprocessed Image Panel displays the image selected in the Files List
The Processed Image Panel displays a preview of how the image selected in the Files List will look with your current processing options.

Patterns and Colours for borders and text are defined using the Fill Dialog.

Fonts for text are defined using the Font Dialog.

Colours are selected using the Colour Selector Dialog.

Two other dialogs of importance are the Visual Crop Dialog which can be used to define a cropping region when using the Crop Options Panel, and the Replace File Dialog which may be displayed dependant on the settings of the Save Options Panel.