Multiple Image Resizer .NET v4.5.2
Help Documentation

The Cropping Options Panel

Use this panel to crop your images before any other processing is done - ideal if you only require that a certain part of your image(s) be processed.

Use the X Coordinate, Y Coordinate, Width and Height text boxes to define, in pixels, the region that will be cropped. Note that an error will occur if a negative or non-numerical value is entered in these text boxes.

Use the Visually Set Crop Area button to visually define the cropping region.

Changing the settings in this panel will require you to refresh your Image Preview Panel.

Note that the controls in this panel are only available if the relevant option is selected in the Processing Options Panel.

This panel can be docked, floated, hidden and resized - see the Multiple Image Resizer .NET Interface Layout help topic for more information.