Multiple Image Resizer .NET v4.5.2
Help Documentation

Handling Errors

Errors in Multiple Image Resizer .NET usually occur because an inappropriate value has been entered into one of the controls.

Errors are notified to the user in a number of ways:

Message Box

A message will pop up on screen.


Error Icon

A flashing error icon will appear next to the control the error has occurred in. Hover over the icon with your mouse to obtain more information about the error.


Preview Processed Image Panel

A message will appear in the Preview Processed Image panel.


Image processing complete - Failed to process all the images message

Occasionally Multiple Image Resizer .NET might not be able to process one or more of your images. This may occur for a number of reasons, the first thing to check is to make sure that your image file isn't corrupt (try viewing the image file in a Paint / Photo package), if the file isn't corrupt and you would like us to investigate the reason why the image(s) will not process please contact us (


Unexpected Error Window

If the Unexpected Error Window appears please email the error message to so that it can be investigated by Multiple Image Resizer .NET technical support. The quickest way to report the error is to click the Copy Error To Clipboard button, then click the hyperlink to create a new email message, paste the error message into the body of the email (by pressing ctrl-v or selecting the Paste option from the Edit menu), now send the email to Multiple Image Resizer .NET technical support for investigation.


Other Errors

If you encounter any other error messages, please contact us using the details provided by the Support command on the Help menu.