Multiple Image Resizer .NET v4.5.2
Help Documentation

The Processing Options Panel

This panel allows you to state which processes will be applied to your images and in which order they should be applied.

Choose the processing options that you would like to apply to your images by ticking/un-ticking the processing options in the list. The processing options available are Crop, Resize, Rotate and Flip, Border, Add Text and Overlay Image. Note that an error will occur if none of these options is selected.

You may alter the order in which the processes are applied to your images. You alter the order by selecting a processing option from the list and then use the and arrows to alter the order in which they are applied. The processes are applied as per the order in the list e.g. the process at the top of the list is applied first, followed by the second process in the list, etc.

You can reset the order of the processing options in the list back to the default order by clicking

Changing the settings in this panel will enable or disable the associated controls in the Resizing Options Panel, the Rotate and Flip Panel, the Border Options Panel, the Cropping Options Panel, the Text Options Panel and the Image Overlay Options Panel.

This panel can be docked, floated, hidden and resized - see the Multiple Image Resizer .NET Interface Layout help topic for more information.