Multiple Image Resizer .NET v4.5.2
Help Documentation

The Rotate and Flip Panel

This panel allows you to specify whether your images will be rotated or flipped.

Use the radio buttons to specify a rotation, flip or a combination of the two.

Rotate Method - None - no rotation of the image.
Rotate Method - 90 Degrees - rotates the image 90 degrees clockwise (quarter turn).
Rotate Method - 180 Degrees - rotates the image 180 degrees clockwise (half turn).
Rotate Method - 270 Degrees - rotates the image 270 degrees clockwise (three-quarter turn).

Flip Method - None - no flipping of the image.
Flip Method - Horizontal - mirrors the image horizontally (the left edge of the image becomes the right, and vice-versa).
Flip Method - Vertical - mirrors the image vertically (the top edge becomes the bottom and vice-versa).
Flip Method - Horizontal and Vertical - applies both a vertical and a horizontal flip simultaneously.

Changing the settings in this panel will require you to refresh your Image Preview Panel.

Note that the controls in this panel are only available if the relevant option is selected in the Processing Options Panel.

This panel can be docked, floated, hidden and resized - see the Multiple Image Resizer .NET Interface Layout help topic for more information.