Multiple Image Resizer .NET v4.5.2
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Scripting Function - CreateFont

The function creates a font that will be used inconjunction with AddText and AddTextByPosition functions.



CreateFont userfontname As StringValue, fontname As StringValueFontName, fontstyle As FontStyleValue, fontstrikeout As BooleanValue, fontunderline As BooleanValue, fontsize As IntegerValueGreaterEqualOne



userfontname - the name that you want to assign to the font you are creating

fontname - the actual name of the font e.g. "Verdana", "Arial", "Times New Roman" etc

fontstyle - the font style

fontstrikeout - the font stikeout effect flag

fontunderline - the font underline effect flag

fontsize - the size of the font specified in pixels



The following example creates a font named "Font1", in the Arial font type face, with a Bold style, with no strikeout, but underlined at a size of 30 pixels:

CreateFont "Font1", "Arial", Bold , False, True, 30


Version Information

Supported in Multiple Image Resizer .NET v2.0.0.0


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