Multiple Image Resizer .NET v4.5.2
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Scripting Function - OverlayImageByPosition

The function overlays a specified image onto each image. The location of the overlay image is specified by position and x and y offsets.



OverlayImageByPosition overlayimagefile As StringValueFileNameExisting, transparencymethod As OverlayTransparencyMethod, transparentcolor As ArgbColorValue, position As PositionValue, xoffset As IntegerValueGreaterEqualZero, yoffset As IntegerValueGreaterEqualZero, transparencyPercentage As IntegerValuePercentage



overlayimagefile - the full path of the image file that you would like to overlay onto each image

transparencymethod - the overlay transparency method used during the overlay operation

transparentcolor - the color in the overlay image that will be made transparent during the overlay operation. Note if you have chosen to use ExistingImageTransparency for the transparencymethod parameter then this color parameter will not be used, but you specify it anyway!

position - the position of the image to to overlay

xoffset - the x offset from the edge of the image relative the position

yoffset - the y offset from the edge of the image relative the position

transparencyPercentage - Optional Parameter - Specifies the overall transparency (in percent) of the overlay image (defaults to 0 if not specified).



The following example overlays an image file onto each image. The overlay image file does not have any existing transparent layer but we want the color Argb(255,0,0,255) in the overlay image to be transparent, the overlay image is to appear at the bottom right and is not offset from the bottom right edges of the images:

OverlayImageByPosition "c:\temp\image245.jpg", AreasMatchingColor, Argb(255, 0, 0, 255), BottomRight, 0, 0


Version Information

Supported in Multiple Image Resizer .NET v2.0.0.0
Optional Parameter transparencyPercentage added in Multiple Image Resizer .NET v4.0.0.0


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