Multiple Image Resizer .NET v4.5.2
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Scripting Function - ResizeWithinDimensionsAddBackground

The function performs a resizing operation. Each image is resized so that the image is not larger than the width and height values specified, this function will only resize images larger than width and height specified. This function maintains the aspect ration of the image. Once the image is resized the function adds a background to the image to pad the image to the specified width and height.



ResizeWithinDimensions width As IntegerValueGreaterEqualOne, height As IntegerValueGreaterEqualOne, userbackgroundfillname As StringValue



width - the width of the processed image in pixels

height - the height of the processed image in pixels

userbackgroundfillname - the name of the background fill color/pattern that you would like to apply. Note that you must create the fill specified in this parameter using either the CreateFillSolid or CreateFillLinearGradient function before you use this function.



The following example resizes images within dimensions of a width of 500 pixels and a height of 500 pixels, adding a red background:

CreateFillSolid "myBackgroundFill", Argb(255, 255, 0, 0)
ResizeWithinDimensionsAddBackground 500, 500, "myBackgroundFill"


Version Information

Supported in Multiple Image Resizer .NET v4.0.0.0


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