Multiple Image Resizer .NET v4.5.2
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Scripting Function - SaveToSubFolderJpeg

The function specifies that each processed image file will be saved to a specified sub folder beneath each original image files location. The function is special version of SaveToSubFolder that saves images in the JPEG image file format. The function allows you to specify JPEG quality and if the any existing EXIF Meta Information from each original image file should be added to each processed image.



SaveToSubFolderJpeg subfoldername As StringValueSubFolderName, quality As IntegerValuePercentage, writeexifinformation As BooleanValue



subfoldername - the sub folder name where processed image files will be saved. Note that if the specified sub folder does not exist it will be created.

quality - the percentage for JPEG quality (where 1 is the lowest quality setting and 100 is the highest quality setting)

writeexifinformation - the write EXIF Meta Information flag



The following example specifies that each processed image should be saved as the JPEG image file format to a sub folder named "Processed" beneath the original location of each image. Each processed image will be saved with a quality setting of 100%, and EXIF Meta Information will be copied from each original image:

SaveToSubFolderJpeg "Processed", 100, True


Version Information

Supported in Multiple Image Resizer .NET v2.0.0.0


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