Multiple Image Resizer .NET v4.5.2
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The Text Options Panel

This panel allows you to add text to your images.

Use the Enter Text text box to define the text to add to the image.

When entering your text into the Enter Text text box you may also enter Special Text Tags to tell Multiple Image Resizer .NET to replace the tags with other information such as original image file name, processed image file name, Exif information etc. For a full list of the special tags see the Special Text Tags page.

There are two ways of specifying the location of text that you would like to add to the images. You can specify the text position by X and Y Coordinates or using the Position with Offset - click the radio buttons in the Text Position Method box to enable the options for your selected text positioning method.

Using X and Y Coordinates text positioning:

  • Use the X Coordinate and Y Coordinate text boxes to specify where on the images the text will appear (note that the coordinates specified are the position of the top left corner of the text on the processed images). If you enter a negative or non-numerical value into these text boxes an error will occur.

Using Position with Offset text positioning:

  • Use the 9 radio buttons to specify the position of the text on the images. If you would like text at the top right hand corner of your images select the top right radio button, if you would like text in the center of your images select the central radio button, etc.
  • You can use the X Offset and Y Offset text boxes to specify that the text should be offset by an amount from the edge of the image. Note that only certain positions allow you to enter offsets e.g. top right allows you to enter both x and y offsets, whereas if you elect to center the text you do not get the option to select x and y offsets, etc. If you enter a negative or non-numerical value into these text boxes an error will occur.

Use the Orientation radio buttons to select whether the text should run horizontally ("across" the image), vertically ("down" the image), or at a user configurable rotation (text can run at any angle across the image, and can be specified in degrees).

Use the Alignment radio buttons to select whether multi-line text should be aligned to the left, to the right or be centered.

Use the Transparency slider to select how transparent your text should be - when the slider is at 0% the text will be solid, the higher the percentage you select the more transparent the text will become.

Use the Choose Font button to choose the font, size and style of the text from The Font Dialog.

Use the Choose Font Colour button to set a colour or fill pattern for your text from The Fill Dialog.

The area above the Choose Font and Choose Font Colour buttons displays a preview of your text in your selected font and font colour, against a neutral colour.

Changing the settings in this panel will require you to refresh your Image Preview Panel.

Note that the controls in this panel are only available if the relevant option is selected in the Processing Options Panel.

This panel can be docked, floated, hidden and resized - see the Multiple Image Resizer .NET Interface Layout help topic for more information.