Release History

Detailed information about what's new, changed and fixed in each Multiple Image Resizer .NET release.

Release history for older versions of Multiple Image Resizer .NET can be found here.

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Version 4.5.2.x Series History


Version -

Internal Build - 5-3
Release Date - 29th February 2016
Release Purpose - Maintenance Release

Release Notes -

  1. Fixed an issue where image processing profiles created in older versions of the software (v4.0.0.x and v2 series) failed to load correctly.
  2. Software binaries and installation packages are now digitally signed with an SHA-2 certificate.


Version -

Internal Build - 5-2
Release Date - 13th April 2015
Release Purpose - Maintenance Release

Release Notes -

  1. Fixed an issue where some 64bit users receive the error "Unable to load DLL 'FreeImage_x64.dll': The specified module could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E)" when adding images to the file list.
  2. Reduced the size of the installation package (the installation package no longer contains and installs the Microsoft Visual C++ 12 Runtime as the software is no longer dependent on the runtime).


Version -

Internal Build - 5-1
Release Date - 3rd March 2015
Release Purpose - First Release of Version 4.5.2.x Series

Release Notes -

First release of the 4.5.2.x series of Multiple Image Resizer .NET. This version has been redeveloped to use the Microsoft .NET Framework v4.5.2. The same functionality featured in 4.0.0.x series has been incorporated but we've made a number of additional improvements and enhancements:

GUI and Scripting:

  1. Software now runs as a true 64 bit process on computers with a 64 bit operating system. This means that when the software is running on a 64 bit operating system it can process higher resolution images than when running on a 32 bit operating system.
  2. Miscellaneous bug fixes to improve software stability.
  3. Software now requires the Microsoft .NET Framework v4.5.2 or higher is installed in order to run.
  4. Retired software support for the Microsoft XP and Windows 2003 Server Operating Systems.


  1. Replaced old HTML Help style documentation with new PDF help documentation.
  2. Updated software to use latest Telerik UI controls.
  3. Added Width and Height columns to the image file list.
  4. Fixed some graphical anomalies in the software's themes.
  5. Fixed an issue when you click on a column header to sort the image file list and then press the Delete key or choose "Remove Selected Image", the wrong image is removed from the list.
  6. Fixed an issue where tabbing between controls would not result in focus being sent to the next logical on screen control.
  7. Redeveloped the Check for Updates feature.


  1. Introduced a new lightweight application Multiple Image Resizer .NET Script Engine (MirDotNetScript.exe) which provides command line batch scripting functionality. If you have been using the command line batch scripting in previous versions of the software please migrate to using MirDotNetScript.exe rather than MirDotNet.exe - see the "Scripting" section in the help documentation for more information.