While Multiple Image Resizer .NET is free for personal and educational use, we do ask that business/commercial users purchase a license from us.

Purchasing a commercial license entitles you to use the software for commercial purposes.

Multiple Image Resizer .NET - Screenshot

Purchase a Commercial License

To purchase a commercial license of Multiple Image Resizer .NET click the 'Buy Now' button next to the number of licenses you require, when you click one of the 'Buy Now' buttons you will be taken to PayPal's website where your payment will be processed (Note: payment for the software is made to Acumen Business Systems Ltd). Once you have completed your payment you will be returned to the Multiple Image Resizer .NET website.

Note that we do not ship a boxed product of the software, you must download the software from the download page.

Please retain your PayPal receipt as proof of entitlement to use the software for commercial purposes.

The commercial licensing pricing structure for Multiple Image Resizer .NET is as follows (all prices are ex-VAT):

Multiple Image Resizer .NET - Commercial License Options
1 User Commercial License - £15.00
5 User Commercial License - £65.00
10 User Commercial License - £100.00
25 User Commercial License - £200.00
35 User Commercial License - £265.00
50 User Commercial License - £350.00
100 User Commercial License - £500.00