The latest version of Multiple Image Resizer .NET is fully resourced so that the user interface can be displayed in any language. The only issue is the translation itself.

Multiple Image Resizer .NET has already been translated into 21 different languages! However, if the software isn't in your native language and you would like to provide a translation then read on.

Multiple Image Resizer .NET - Screenshot

How can I help translate Multiple Image Resizer .NET?

If you would like to volunteer to translate Multiple Image Resizer .NET into your own language then please follow the instructions below:

  1. Download the zipped Excel Spread sheet containing all the phrases and words used in Multiple Image Resizer .NET.
  2. Translate each English phrase/word in Column B of the spread sheet, into your own language and enter it in Column C.
  3. When you have finished your translation please email the spread sheet to and we will do the rest!

If you do not have Microsoft Excel and would like to help translate the software please contact us and we will provide the list of English phrases in another electronic format.

Complete v4.0.0.x Translations

We would like to thank the following people/companies for providing complete translations of all the words and phrases used in Multiple Image Resizer .NET v4:

Thanks to Frank Reelick for providing the Dutch translation.

Thanks to Michel Bornand ( for providing the French translation.

Thanks to Giuseppe Leva for providing the Italian translation.

Thanks to Kamen Todorov for providing the Bulgarian translation.

Thanks to M.Onur GÜLERYÜZ for providing the Turkish translation.

Thanks to MFM Dawdeh for providing the Arabic translation.

Thanks to Piotr JankoĊ› for providing the Polish translation.

Thanks to kw81830 for providing the Chinese (Traditional) translation.

Thanks to Pavel Kravchenko ( for providing the Russian and Ukrainian translations.

Thanks to ViPeR5000 (Rui Melo) for providing the Portuguese translation.

v2 Translations

We would also like to thank the following people/companies for providing translations of all the words and phrases used in Multiple Image Resizer .NET v2:

Thanks to GF-Sistemas ( for providing the Spanish translation.

Thanks to Søren Schnell Rasmussen for providing the Danish translation.

Thanks to Richard Danêk for providing the Czech translation.

Thanks to Alexander De Sousa Macedo for providing the Galician translation.

Thanks to Roman Bæriswyl ( and also to CoolT for providing German translations.

Thanks to Daniel Nicholas Kiss for providing the Hungarian translation.

Thanks to Anders Dahlgren for providing the Swedish translation.

Thanks to the " Internet City Guide" - for providing the Greek translation.

Thanks to Daniel Rubio López for providing the Catalan translation.


Unfortunately we weren't able to contact some of the people/companies that provided original Multiple Image Resizer .NET v2 translations for the version 4 update. The additional Spanish, Danish, Czech, Galician, German, Hungarian, Swedish, Greek and Catalan translations required for version 4 of Multiple Image Resizer .NET were translated using Microsoft Bing Translator (and then double checked using Google Translate). If you are one of the original translators we couldn't reach, or speak one of the languages mentioned and would like to correct or update the additional 76 words / phrases used in version 4 please contact us ( for additional information.