Trouble Eating? Here Are 8 Ways to Get Hungry Again


It can be frustrating when you’re trying to eat more but just can’t seem to make yourself hungry. Whether you’re trying to gain weight, maintain your current weight, or simply want to enjoy food more, here are eight strategies that can help increase your appetite.

Try new foods

If you’re stuck in a rut of eating the same things day in and day out, it’s no wonder you’re not feeling very hungry. Branch out and try some new foods to mix things up a bit. You may find that you really enjoy a new dish and it helps get your appetite going.

Eat earlier in the day

If you typically wait until later in the day to start eating, you may be missing out on some crucial hunger cues. Try eating a little bit earlier and see if that jump-starts your appetite.

Drink more water

Make sure you’re staying properly hydrated throughout the day. Drink a big glass of water before meals and see if that helps increase your hunger.

Get moving

Exercise can help increase your appetite by stimulating your digestive system. Even a short walk can help get things moving and make you feel hungrier.

Manage stress

Stress can have a major impact on your appetite, so it’s important to find ways to manage it effectively. If you’re feeling stressed, try some relaxation techniques like deep breathing or yoga. You may find that once you’ve relieved some of your stress, your appetite comes back too.

Sleep more

Getting enough sleep is essential for maintaining a healthy appetite. If you’re not getting enough shut-eye, try going to bed a little earlier or taking a nap during the day. You may find that you wake up feeling hungrier than before.

Cut out processed foods

Processed foods are often loaded with unhealthy ingredients that can make you feel full without actually providing your body with the nutrients it needs. Try cutting back on processed foods and eating more whole, unprocessed foods to see if that helps increase your appetite.

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Hopefully, these tips help! Remember, increasing your appetite takes time and patience so don’t get discouraged if things don’t change overnight. Just keep at it and eventually, you’ll start feeling hungrier again!

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